The webinar was held in April 2024. It discussed the interconnectedness of biodiversity and climate change, highlighting the importance of preserving biodiversity as a strategy to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Speakers discussed the role of biodiversity in ecosystem resilience, carbon sequestration, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions.
Participants were also informed about the current challenges facing biodiversity, including habitat loss, pollution, and overexploitation of natural resources. The webinar provided examples of successful conservation efforts and initiatives that are helping to protect biodiversity and combat climate change simultaneously.
Overall, the webinar emphasized the urgent need for global cooperation and action to address the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. Participants were encouraged to take steps in their own communities to protect and restore biodiversity, as well as advocate for policies that promote sustainability and conservation.

The webinar on aquatic invasions held in March 2024 was a great success, with experts and researchers from around the world coming together to discuss the growing problem of invasive aquatic species. Presentations were made on the various impacts invasive species have on aquatic ecosystems, as well as the methods available for prevention and management.
Key topics covered during the webinar included the pathways through which invasive species are introduced to new environments, the ecological and economic impacts they can have, and the importance of early detection and rapid response efforts. Presenters also discussed the role of collaboration and partnerships in addressing the challenges posed by aquatic invasions.
Attendees of the webinar had the opportunity to engage in discussions with the presenters and ask questions about their research and experiences. Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights and information on the issue of aquatic invasions and served as a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in invasive species management.
We look forward to future webinars and continued collaboration in efforts to protect our aquatic ecosystems from invasive species. Thank you to all who participated in this important event.

A webinar on threats to the marshlands was held in January 2024 to raise awareness about the challenges facing these important ecosystems. Experts discussed the various threats, including habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species, and climate change, and highlighted the importance of conserving and protecting marshlands for biodiversity and ecosystem services. The webinar also provided information on strategies for mitigating these threats and promoting sustainable management practices. Participants were able to ask questions and engage in discussion with the panel of experts to deepen their understanding of the issues at hand. Overall, the webinar was a valuable opportunity to learn about the threats facing marshlands and to explore potential solutions for addressing them.